Wuthering Heights Essay Questions And Answers

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Cathering ordered Edgar to stop crying because his brother was coming, after Heathcliff threw a tureen of hot apple sauce in Edgar’s face and neck.

And was very rude to Isabella being sarcastic, asking her if anyone hurt her, because Isabella was crying after the unpleasant incident between Heathcliff and his brother Edgar Linton.

When working with complex novels like Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, students can often feel overwhelmed and a bit lost.

Wuthering Heights has complex characters and plot twists and turns that can be confusing, so it's natural some students will struggle while reading this text. While essay questions are a great way to help determine student understanding when used in a summative manner, they are often overlooked as a teaching tool before and during reading as well.

Essay questions, by design, go deeper into the content of the book and require students to use those higher-order thinking skills we're always talking about, like synthesizing and analyzing.

Posing essay questions before, during and after reading, then, is a smart way to make sure students get a solid understanding of all aspects of the story.

Finally, your students will likely notice right off the bat that there are some interesting relationships in this novel.

Heathcliff is known for his temper and hate but loves Catherine deeply.

He did not know why he remembered the name Linton, although he had read twenty times the surname Earnshaw. Earnshaw started to get sicker and his character was getting worse, and more and more he preferred to Heathcliff over his own son, the relationship between his son and Heathcliff got worse by the day. Earnshaw protected more Heathcliff than Hindley, until finally he sent his son away from Wuthering Heights, Mr.

He looked and saw the face of a girl through the window. He asked her to let him go, the ghost of Catherine eased the pressure. Catherine’s ghost seemed to enter and push the books, the scream terrified. Earnshaw finally died one night in the company of old Cathy.


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