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Do not “write” seven paragraphs of conclusion and your thoughts; content is writer’s craft. When I am helping a student with an essay, there is little purpose in developing witty turns-of-phrase or glassy segues if you cannot tell what the student is trying to communicate in the essay through its content.I have discussed this all over at Yale, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Wesleyan, Vassar, Emory, UCLA, UC-Berkeley, the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, the NYU Center for Family Life, Merrill Lynch, Ernst & Young, the Young Presidents Organization, often right in front of admission officers.I think students get really caught up in thinking that this essay has to emcompass your entire life and it has to be groundbreaking and, you know, publishable quality.

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And he wrote about how people were treating him as they went through the drive through. He called himself an undercover anthropologist, which admittedly was a little nerdy in a Brown sort of way.

But I liked his essay because, I was able to see what he was seeing and feel what he was feeling.

So I always advice students to stick to the simple things that you know.

And the essays that stand out the most in my mind are about simple, simple things, very everyday topics.

- I think my favorite essay that I've ever read came from a student in the midwest.

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And he wrote about working at a fast food restaurant.

Many of them just nod, bored by the common sense of it all.

Your topic should generally fall into one of two categories: Intellectual Statement: this essay is meant to show what you are interested in pursuing in terms of your college major, and the moment (do not flashback more than two years) that you were sparked by it.

- One piece of advice I would give to every student is to ask someone who know's them a little bit, to read their essay and to tell them what impressions they have of you after reading the essay.

- I think the essays that work best are actually quite simple.


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