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“Our website should include our mission statement so visitors know what guides us,” says one executive. If you’re a DIY-type, read on for useful copywriting tips. The decision-makers gather around the conference table and begin brainstorming.In a study of online reading behavior , Jakob Nielsen found that “on the average webpage, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely”.

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You won't build another Facebook right away, but it's not hard to get your own simple website online, so we'll start there.

By working through the articles listed below in order, you will go from nothing to getting your first webpage online. When it comes to tools for building a website, there's a lot to pick from.

They’re designed to provide the information visitors seek and to present it in an interesting, organized fashion.

They let the customer see the real you, which then builds trust.

Java Script is the programming language that you use to add interactive features to your website.

Some examples could be games, things that happen when buttons are pressed or data is entered in forms, dynamic styling effects, animation, and much more.If you're just starting out, you might be confused by the array of code editors, frameworks, and testing tools out there. We outline a simple method you can follow to plan out your site's content and design.In Installing basic software, we show you step-by-step how to install just the software you need to begin some basic web development. A website consists of many files: text content, code, stylesheets, media content, and so on.It’s important to understand how what you are writing fits into the overall content strategy, what the content lifecycle entails, and who is involved in the process.People read differently online than they do when they read print materials -- web users typically scan for information.Publishing your sample code describes how to get your simple sample code online with minimum effort.When you access your favorite website, a lot of complicated things happen in the background that you may not know about.“It should look and sound professional, so let’s use stock photos and have Mary write the copy because she was an English major in college,” says another. But let’s not put too many details or prices because we want visitors to have to contact us,” says a third.Someone from the sales department adds, “On the Contact Us page, let’s use a form with lots of questions that will help us make a sale.While all these ideas have merit for the company, they don’t make much sense for visitors. If you don’t put your visitors first, your website won’t be effective.Bottom line, The best websites are customer-centric.


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