Writing A Personal Statement For Pediatric Residency

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In my opinion, personal statements aren’t going to get you an interview that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

In my opinion, personal statements aren’t going to get you an interview that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.However, a really bad personal statement might kill your application like a shot of potassium to the heart. So don’t use overly eloquent wording or try and reinvent the wheel. They want to hear why you want to become a specific of doctor.Surgical residencies generally value ‘compulsive, high energy, confident, hardworking, committed’ applicants while pediatrics value ‘team players, well-organized, well-rounded, flexible, positive attitudes, and flexible’ applicants.

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Further detail of how to construct your personal statement is outside the scope of this blog post but let me give you the basic foundation. It’s that story you think of when people ask you why you went into medicine and it should be something that happened during your clinical rotations.

You know, something you probably made a Facebook status or Instagram post about.

But hopefully any of my followers from medical schools in the Caribbean, United States, or around the world wondering how to write a residency personal statement will have a little bit more guidance. So here are a few pearls of wisdom about how to write your residency personal statement.

I’ve pushed this book before and I’ll do it again now because I truly feel that it was the best book to read when applying for residency with regard to understanding the process. It’s a big book but you don’t have to read it from cover to cover in one sitting.

Here’s an example of a rough outline: Optional: in your closing paragraph tailor your personal statement to a specific program.

I personally didn’t do this…but I also applied to way too many programs.

Sure, you might only be going into internal medicine so you can become an interventional cardiologist. Because I’m willing to bet that those personal statements are going to be quite different.

But you need to sell yourself on why you want this specific specialty right now. Not because of the style of the essay but because of what attributes those essays will convey.

That doesn’t mean your personal statement has to be a bore. You strike that balance with two main elements- (1) having a unique story and (2) the manner in which you tell it.

For instance, a goal I set in my personal statement was to paint a picture of a patient without sharing the underlying diagnosis.


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