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The activity of Roosevelt's first "Hundred Days" in office helped restore public confidence by showing that the government was actively seeking to promote recovery. The "Bank Holiday" helped place the banking industry back on a sound footing. Programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) put Americans back to work and accomplished important projects that benefited the public. The New Deal created Social Security, which helped millions of people at the time and has been crucial to many more millions of Americans since. You will touch upon these points briefly in your paper, but you do not want to spend excessive time on them.Although you may have found even more evidence to support your thesis, remember that you cannot include everything in a 5-7 page paper. In this case, you find two key pieces of evidence that partially contradicts your thesis. Acknowledge and describe the evidence, but not in such depth that it undermines the evidence that supports your thesis.

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Next, under each item of supporting evidence, list the points you wish to cover. If you think it will help, note where you will place statistics or quotations. Sense of Roosevelt's personal concern for people (quotation from woman on FDR's first radio address) 2. Has become a cornerstone of financial security for senior citizens IV. Some New Deal Programs such as Agricultural Adjustment Act were declared unconstitutional, but at least Roosevelt was trying to find solutions V.

Choose the quotations that best support your thesis. Conclusion Your conclusion should not be a rephrasing of your introductory paragraph.

You state your thesis as follows: "Although the New Deal did not end the Depression, it was a success in restoring public confidence and creating new programs that brought relief to millions of Americans." Write this down; you will have to state it in the first paragraph of your essay. You should have done most of the work in this area during your initial research.

Also, use the thesis as the starting point of your outline, writing it at the top of your outline page. You may, however, wish to do further research to find additional information to strengthen your argument.

Beneath the thesis statement, note that you will start with your introduction, and what the introduction will include. Created government agencies such as FDIC to protect people's savings C. CCC put people to work at productive tasks such as building park facilities (quotation from CCC worker) 2.

Then note that you will follow with a paragraph of background information on the Great Depression; remember that in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the New Deal, you need to identify what problems the New Deal was intended to solve. WPA put people to work and performed needed construction tasks (number of people employed through WPA) D. Provided immediate benefits to the elderly (amount of assistance provided in first five years) 2. World War II did, but New Deal reduced the Depression's worst effects 2.

ACTIVE VOICE: The government created many programs to put Americans back to work.

In the passive voice example, the reader does not learn who created the programs.

Search the catalog at Swem Library and electronic databases.

Read several different works to get a sense of how different historians have analyzed the New Deal's effectiveness.


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