Writing A Definition Essay On Beauty

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It also has a lot to do with how well each person may raise a child to survive to adulthood, and how even a face is.

There is also an element of finding what is available to be beautiful.

If, for example, we look at the of the Renaissance painters or Greek sculptors, the majority of modern people – both men and women – would be somewhat disgusted.

The only thing that is absolute is our own opinion, however paradoxical it may sound.

a parent that is the most likely to have a child survive to adulthood.

Even is better How even and balanced a face is, is also a sign of good health and is therefore more attractive.

Conclusion Beauty is a matter of opinion, and does not take attractiveness into account because people are often attracted to personality too.

A lot of what we consider to be beautiful is based in genetics and in our base instincts.

If a face is the same on one side as it is the other, then people tend to be viewed as more attractive.

Tests were done showing two pictures, one with a person with an unaltered face, and one that was made from a face with one half mirrored on the other side (competently done so that people couldn’t tell).


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