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I recommend you keep the last paragraph brief and to the point.

Step 7: Read through the article and fill in any things you obviously left out, but don't get too carried away.

If it does not sound good to you put it aside where you can find it in a few days or weeks. Once a week I look them over and choose one to finish. You can publish it in your own newsletter or send it to other newsletter publishers.

Step 9: (Optional) Have someone you trust read the article to get their opinion and find typos. Spend thirty minutes a day on one or more of these steps you will be at step 10 before you know it.

I challenge you to designate some time to zone in on each task in the .

Here are some of the tasks that you may choose to focus on: Let’s break this down.Step #1: Create an editorial plan An editorial plan is important to the content creation process.It ensures that all your content is tied to a bigger goal, so you can keep meeting your business objectives.Let's say you are writing an article about paying attention to your customers. Bring up the topic in the first sentence or two, and then use your outline sentence.You might write, "You need to know about the importance of paying attention to your customers because of customer retention, more sales, and more referrals." Don't worry about making this sentence sound good for now. In the example above you might use, "The importance of paying attention to customers just can't be stressed enough." Then insert the outline sentence.Write your ideas down in a pocket notebook as soon as you have the idea.You won't use every idea you write down, but some will turn out to be just the topic you wanted.Mark Twain said it best, "Write, write, then write." All humor aside, to reach the goal you will need to spend some writing.Like a lot of things it is easier to find time to write in small chunks.Efficiency in your writing process is something you should work towards. I’ve used some unique techniques to improve my speed and content quality over the years.In this article, I will show you how to do the same. Every time you make that switch, your brain has to burn tons of calories to readjust. It stresses you out, wears you down, and prolongs a task that would otherwise take less time to complete.


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