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Depending upon the referencing system preferred by your university department, you will need the following information: Consult your departmental handbook or ask your supervisor if you need clarification of what information to use when referencing.

In particular, outlining a strong methodology as a part of your proposal will ensure that you maintain consistency and conformity when gathering and analysing your data.

Including ethical considerations, reasons for your choice of sample, and perceived limitations of your research will also help to protect your work from criticism.

They may suggest alterations to your methodology, or that you take a different approach to your subject matter in order to glean stronger results. Remember, your supervisor’s job is to offer you constructive criticism and it's an integral to ‘shaping’ your work.

Focus on the changes that have been suggested and how you might incorporate them into your revised proposal for your next meeting.

It should provide a ‘backdrop’ to your more specific research by exploring the background to the wider subject area.

You should also lay out your main thesis/hypothesis here, and explain why you feel that research into this area is important.Depending upon whether your course is of a scientific or mathematical nature, meaning that you are likely to be dealing with experiments providing you with definitive results and quantitative analysis; or a more theoretical nature, meaning that your research will mainly be qualitative; your hypothesis will be proven or disproven throughout the course of your dissertation.The first step in creating your dissertation proposal should be planning its structure.Whether you're writing an undergraduate or postgraduate proposal, it's vital you check your course and institution requirements prior to submission, since the word count and format can vary between universities.According to usual practice, you'll likely be assigned a supervisor from your subject area, who'll guide you throughout the dissertation writing process.The more reading that you do, the more you should be able to refine your research questions.If you aim to address an area that is too broad, you will risk generalisation and run out of space in your word count.Showing that you are able to attribute value to the sources you have used based upon their ‘fallibility’ will represent critical engagement with the literature and you will be awarded with higher marks.Don’t worry if you are not completely certain of your hypothesis at this point.Like the dissertation itself, your proposal will require an introduction, a main section and a conclusion.As a brief guide: This is where you will need to introduce your topic.


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