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Step 3: Conduct brief research Look through the articles which you have found and make notes. Then take a pencil and underline ideas which you find a good fit for your paper.If you find similar thoughts in these articles, make a note about this fact.

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Step 7: Revise your writing This step is optional in this particular situation.

As a rule, we normally insist that students revise their papers properly when giving tips on how to write a 5-paragraph essay. We promised you that you will complete an essay in an hour.

Reread your paper and add or delete sentences or phrases. You don’t have time to work on each sentence properly.

Unfortunately, you also don’t have enough time to check inaccuracies. However, you have the ability to check your essay for inconsistencies. Hopefully, this will help you to notice inconsistencies.

When you are paraphrasing a sentence, take into consideration that simply changing a couple of words doesn’t count as proper paraphrasing.

Step 6: Work on the details If you succeeded in completing the previous step, you should have a few minutes to work on details.

Step 4: Create an outline How to write a five-paragraph essay without an outline? Don’t steal the structure from one of the articles you have chosen. Take some points from the first article, others from the second, and still others from the third one. Claim 1, which proves your thesis statement a) evidence 1 to support Claim 1 b) evidence 2 to support Claim 1 3.

Claim 2, which proves your thesis statement a) evidence 1 to support Claim 2 b) evidence 2 to support Claim 2 4.

Step 5: Write the first draft Finally, you can start writing. If you develop each of them too thoroughly, you won’t finish your paper in time.

For this reason, you should not stop even if you think that you could find better words.


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