Write An Essay Comparing And Contrasting Two Different Animals

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Owning a puppy is a big commitment for all family members, especially in the first few days or weeks.

Dogs are fun and a lot of work but it sure is worth it. I had a cat when I was only about one year old and she got run over by a car. Maybe if I had a cat when I was growing up I would like them more.

Of course, young age is the best period for training pets.

Besides regular daily feeding, both cats and dogs require frequent combing and washing, as only sphinx cats and dogs are furless. It can be shorter or longer, but without proper care, fleas will settle not only in it but in the whole area around. Therefore, the owners should be ready to clean their living space carefully and regularly to keep it tidy.Both cats and dogs perfectly cope with nursing their offspring.Some particular breeds need assistance with the accouchement. Cats and dogs are unique creatures yet they are the two most common household animals. Dogs will play frisbee with you all afternoon While cats are bred too, it isn’t to the same extent as dogs and cats aren’t typically bred for a particular ability like dogs are. Everyone knows that cats and dogs are as different as day and night.Besides, they like to play, thus requiring more attention.Cats, on the contrary, can sleep daylong and walk at night.I believe it’s the type of dog and cat when it comes to socializing.Dogs are also somewhat smarter than cats in the area of verbal command.The owners of the mongrel pets should not bother about their mating, but the high-bred pets require the search of same breed representatives for the thoroughbred posterity. They play during a day and sleep whole night as their owners do.Dogs love to be petted and can sit near the breeder hours long.


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