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This opportunity also provides you with the advantage of learning about the company from the inside-out and the ground up.

Tell the interviewer that the salary cut is worth it to you to start anew.

You come off as being bitter, blaming of others, and irresponsible. Make an admission, such as, telling the interviewer that you were inexperienced in communicating with your boss about teamwork.

This way you acknowledge what happened and that you learned from the experience.

Your career experiences have prepared you to begin a career again in a brand new field.

Emphasize the quality that you enter the field with fresh new eyes and perspective.

Say that you simply were not a good fit for the company, and before you had the opportunity to excel, you were let go.

Or inform the interviewer that you didn’t fully understand your previous boss’s expectations and you both agreed that it was time to leave.

Say that your experiences have made you reliable and prepared to go all out in the new position.

It’s almost a surprise that this question still comes up.


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