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Accountants that specialize in government accounting either work in government offices as federal, state, and municipal employees, or in the public sector as liaisons to government agencies where they serve corporate employers whose business activities are regulated by the government.Accountants work in almost every government office; examples include the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the General Accounting Office, Department of Agriculture, Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as state and municipal offices.It is important to pursue curriculum through a well-balanced program that will support your career choice or specialty as well as provide a solid foundation of business courses.

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Corporate accounting positions often require mastery in several different areas of responsibility.

In the corporate setting, specialized accountants work in such capacities as computer systems evaluation, operations, quality improvement, marketing or research.

Management accountants need to be familiar with the principles and controls of management information systems (MIS).

In combination with other information systems, MIS are used to answer specific business questions involving issues such as product or service costs, marketing strategies, and revenue trends.

Contents Accounting: Skills and Aptitudes Becoming an Accountant: Education is Key Becoming an Accountant: 7 Potential Roles Becoming an Accountant: The Places You Can Go Accounting Salaries and Job Growth Next Steps They're not just number-crunchers any more.

Accountants drive business decisions through the accurate, orderly management of finances and cash flow.The work can involve complicated accounting issues that merge government accounting with other systems.Accountants working in government have a unique knowledge of government contract regulations and the complexities of long-term debt services.Management accountants could work within any business department that requires strategic planning, the development of a new product or service, or internal re-engineering.Due to the nature of inter-departmental evaluation and planning, it is crucial that management accountants work as part of a team with the same ultimate objective in mind.Internal auditors typically report to executive-level management and the Board of Directors to keep them apprised of the reliability of financial reporting, data accuracy, regulatory compliance, and the security of company assets.Their work is aimed at maintaining a competitive and dynamic business environment, so auditors, unlike management accountants, don’t have responsibilities involving the day-to-day management of financial matters related to business operations.Today’s professional accountants practice critical thinking, make presentations, apply research to practice, and understand the many facets of business management.Accountants are hired to manage the financial services of large multinational firms in industries like banking, finance and business consultation, insurance, real estate, energy and healthcare.The services of an external auditor are contracted by an organization to gain an independent opinion on the validity and accuracy of that organization's financial records.This provides support for the company's integrity and helps to assess compliance with regulations and generally accepted accounting principles.


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