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Teachers not only see these events transpiring before their eyes, they generally record these events in their grade books.

Teachers not only see these events transpiring before their eyes, they generally record these events in their grade books.The key to managing triangulated data collection is, first, to be effective and efficient in collecting the material that is already swirling around the classroom, and, second, to identify other sources of data that might be effectively surfaced with tests, classroom discussions, or questionnaires.Thus, selecting a focus, the first step in the process, is vitally important.

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Relevance is guaranteed because the focus of each research project is determined by the researchers, who are also the primary consumers of the findings.

Perhaps even more important is the fact that action research helps educators be more effective at what they care most about—their teaching and the development of their students.

For the purposes of the NWIC Teaching and Learning Initiative, action research is a classroom based experience where the faculty member evaluates instructional strategies intended to improve student learning.

is a disciplined process of inquiry conducted by and for those taking the action.

For example, if teachers are concerned about increasing responsible classroom behavior, it will be helpful for them to begin by clarifying which approach—using punishments and rewards, allowing students to experience the natural consequences of their behaviors, or some other strategy—they feel will work best in helping students acquire responsible classroom behavior habits.

Once a focus area has been selected and the researcher's perspectives and beliefs about that focus have been clarified, the next step is to generate a set of personally meaningful research questions to guide the inquiry.

The purpose of action research in teaching and learning is to refine one’s pedagogy (instructional strategies) in order to improve student learning.

Student learning is measured affectively, cognitively, and behaviorally based on clearly defined student learning outcomes.

When planning instruction, teachers want the techniques they choose to be appropriate for the unique qualities of their students.

All teachers have had the experience of implementing a “research-proven” strategy only to have it fail with their students.


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