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This thing can take the worst, cheapest cuts of meat and make them fork-tender in 45 minutes.They're not scary anymore, think about getting one.Revision process reflects substantive changes to the content or focus of the essay.

Essays to analyze must be chosen from the list below.

Your essay will let your reader (the class in this case) see the points that both essays are trying to make and your perspective on the topic. Does it add to your understanding or make you think of something related to the topic?

Your essay will compare and contrast the two essays according to whatever criteria you set.

Focus your essay on your purpose and provide examples and details from both essays in developing your points. The minimum length for this assignment is 750 words. Provides a detailed description of the process used for revision, including the areas of the essay worked on and sources of feedback used.

I cook it in water, with some wilty celery, carrots, onions and a clove or two of garlic. You could compost it if you have no critters to eat it up. To make it healthier, add two tablespoons cider vinegar to the cooking water.

I usually do this in the crock pot to save on energy. It's supposed to pull some of the calcium out of the bones. From meatloaf, I'll make chili, soup, or stir-fry (just chunk it up).

No matter how bad your circumstances are financially, you will feel better if you do the best with what you have. I am learning that being thrifty is something I can't take for granted that I am.

I must continually keep it in mind and look seriously at the things that I do every day without thinking.

That “Femmage” has been anthologized and is still relevant to students and artists is a testimony and lasting memory to the art and character of Miriam Schapiro, as it is to the groundbreaking and exciting context in which we wrote it.

MELISSA MEYER Icons of Female Power: Early Works of Miriam Schapiro The Boxer: Judy Chicago Retrospective in Bordeaux, France Speaking Her Mind: Betty Tompkins at P.


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