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If it's your rate, you know sometimes it's just set a rate and get going.

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If you don't know how to do some pieces of the marketing, maybe that's where you need to get some support or some training. it's really important to get your business plan written down.

You can see exactly what it is that you need to work on, and then you can just get working.

That's obviously going to be the main way that you earn income, particularly in the first few years of your business, but there are lots of ways that you can supplement that income.

So you want to look at that and figure out how you can really make the amount of money you want to make.

You can also get some really good ideas about how to package your services, or maybe who to market to, by doing a little bit of kind of competitive analysis for your clients.

Research is always going to be your friend here, but you have to use that research then to make some decisions. Set your end goal - this is always the way I do goal setting - set your end goal, and then you break it down into the steps that will take you to get there. You need to make sure that you do what you need to do.If you do not have a business plan, and this is something that a lot of Virtual Assistants are starting out or who are having a little bit of difficulty growing their business really often don't have in place.When you write anything down it really helps to reinforce it in your brain.And the business model is a really big piece of that.Because this is a really challenging area for a lot of people, I often suggest to just get help with it. So if you don't know how to do the finance part of it to figure out what your startup costs are, what you're going to have to pay on a regular basis, what you need to earn pre-tax, and and what you're going to bring into your household, what you need to earn in any particular month, that's what you need to look at. If I need to bring in ,000 a month, and my billable rate is going to be around here ("$XX"), how does that actually convert - how does that make sense for you in terms of client number of clients, or what those clients need to pay you?You break things down into actionable pieces, and then you can take those action steps and you can break those down into smaller daily activities, so that you can actually get things done. When you put these things into your business plan, you can look at them.Looking at marketing in terms of that perspective, what do you want to get? You can see where the gaps are, and you can see what it is that you need to get support with, or you just need to make some decisions around.If you have a big gaping hole in your business plan because you haven't figured out what your rate is, or who your ideal clients are, or what services you're actually going to offer, or how your money's going to look, then that's a really key thing that you need to look into.So the components of your business plan that I provide to my students are: How is your business going to work? You don't just have to work one-to-one with clients.So when VAs ask me if they need a business plan, my short answer is always: yes.Because if you want to have any success in your business, you have to have a plan.


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