Vietnam War Essay Topics

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Bold yet delicate and detailed drawings in muted, natural colors are matched with brief and meaningful blocks of text.–As told by poet Phi’s spare language, an unnamed Vietnamese boy joins his father for a predawn fishing outing on a Minnesota pond.Thoughtful and sure to hold the attention of most readers.

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Essays follow a general format of overview and context of primary sources and conclude with back matter.

The reproduced documents include a transcript of a televised interview with John F.

–A balanced and clear depiction of Vietnam’s history and the political developments that led to the U. Back matter includes information on key players, making this useful for research.

(Note: The text mistakenly places the Gulf of Tonkin in South Vietnam.) –Readers are introduced to the causes of the war, key individuals, political ideology, and important incidents and battles, from the roots of the conflict in the 1940s through “Peace with Honor.” “Words To Understand in This Chapter” and frequent photographs clarify and expand the context.

Middle grade readers may have a particular fascination with battles, weaponry, tanks, and other agents of destruction, and here there are excellent choices that detail troop movements and attack tactics, with the context of political philosophies and power struggles woven in.

A picture book may touch on a parent’s harrowing memory, wrapped in the safety of the child’s present-day life.YA –Using drawings in black-and-white, accented with washes of russet colors, Bui’s graphic novel memoir is emotionally riveting as it moves from the 2015 birth of her son to her parents’ childhoods in French Indochina, while touching on all points in between.Complex family ties and national political issues are brought to a personal level with Bui’s detailed sketches, punctuated with pockets of irony and humor.Frequent photographs, rich colors, and intriguing layouts will hold reader interest for biography projects, history or art research, and independent reading.–Lemonade Liberty Witt (aka Lem, who is almost 11) moves in with her grandfather and finds herself, somewhat reluctantly, the “official new assistant” at her neighbor Tobin’s Bigfoot Detectives, Inc.Bà holds out hope that Mai’s grandfather may have survived the war. magazine, music, comic book heroes, and Chicano movies.The volumes are indexed separately and do not include photos.Middle Grade –Beginning on the day John Filo’s iconic Kent State photograph was taken, the narrative quickly circles back to provide background on how the United States became involved in Vietnam and why the U. –Featuring spreads with bright infographics, arrows, photos, and colorful boxed text, this evenhanded, concise overview presents 50 topics in roughly chronological order.Some subjects, such as “The Viet Cong,” “Helicopter War,” “Defoliants,” and “Drugs and Discipline,” could be listed in any order. Details of military and leadership, battles and political philosophies, are thoughtfully conveyed in short chapters.With humor and spunk, the pair investigates Bigfoot sightings in the area.A sensitive subplot involves Tobin’s dad, a Vietnam veteran.


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