Verilog Conditional Assignment

Verilog Conditional Assignment-52
Nested ternaries can be simulated as returns the index of the first true value in the condition vector.

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Programmers should consult their programming language specifications or test the ternary operator to determine whether or not the language will evaluate both expressions in this way.

If it does, and this is not the desired behaviour, then an if-then-else statement should be used.

In this usage it appears as an expression on the right side of an assignment statement, as follows: The ?

: operator is similar to the way conditional expressions (if-then-else constructs) work in functional programming languages, like Scheme, ML, and Haskell, since if-then-else forms an expression instead of a statement in those languages.

Note that neither the true nor false portions can be omitted from the conditional operator without an error report upon parsing.

This contrasts with if-then-else statements, where the else clause can be omitted.

Mutiple concatenations may be performed with a constant prefix and is known as replication.

Verilog has six reduction operators, these operators accept a single vectored (multiple bit) operand, performs the appropriate bit-wise reduction on all bits of the operand, and returns a single bit result.

Furthermore, if no order is guaranteed, a distinction exists about whether the result is then classified as indeterminate (the value obtained from some order) or undefined (any value at all at the whim of the compiler in the face of side effects, or even a crash).

If the language does not permit side-effects in expressions (common in functional languages), then the order of evaluation has no value semantics—though it may yet bear on whether an infinite recursion terminates, or have other performance implications (in a functional language with match expressions, short-circuit evaluation is inherent, and natural uses for the ternary operator arise less often, so this point is of limited concern).


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