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The company wants all of their employees to feel that they are being treated equally beginning at their Suit University.

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Company’s value-based leadership practices The Men’s Wearhouse retails clothing, however it is their staff that are the core of their company with their employee centered climate of culture.

The standard is that there is no worthier path achievement than to produce and promote an atmosphere in which their individuals can develop, succeed, and prosper.

Quality Training Programs A foundation stone of Men’s Wearhouse’s achievement is their pledge to encourage employee development throughout widespread and continuing education curricula.

Their instruction seeks to accentuate individual and professional growth, worker empowerment, and developing quality relations with coworkers and consumers.

This guarantee is a contract of non- inequity in all facets of work.

The employee policies and procedures offer equal opportunities to all to apply without regard to ethnic groups, color, gender, origin, faith, veteran rank, age, orientation of sex, disabilities, or matrimonial status.

The manager has a duty to be a servant first, managing from an aspiration to serve others better and not to achieve additional control.

The hypothesis is that if managers concentrate on the desires of their followers, the follower will respond through improved joint efforts, multifaceted engagement and enhanced accomplishments.

is one of the most thriving gentlemen’s department storehouse franchises in the U.

S, that dominate the male tailor-made fashion field.


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