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But I can tell you for your comfort that the chief cure for it is to interest yourself, to lose yourself in some issue not personal to yourself—in another man's trouble or, preferably, another man's joy.But, if the dark hour does not vanish, as sometimes it doesn't, if the black cloud will not lift, as sometimes it will not, let me tell you again for your comfort that there are many liars in the world, but there are no liars like our own sensations.

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At the end of his talk Kipling says, "I have no message to deliver." Consider whether you agree with that observation.

According to the ancient and laudable custom of the schools, I, as one of your wandering scholars returned, have been instructed to speak to you. I will not tell you how the sins of youth are due very largely to its virtues; how its arrogance is very often the result of its innate shyness; how its brutality is the outcome of its natural virginity of spirit.

I regret that I noticed certain signs of irreverent laughter when I alluded to the word "smartness." I have no message to deliver, but, if I had a message to deliver to a University which I love, to the young men who have the future of their country to mould, I would say with all the force at my command, Do not be "smart." If I were not a doctor of this University with a deep interest in its discipline, and if I did not hold the strongest views on that reprehensible form of amusement known as "rushing," I would say that, whenever and wherever you find one of your dear little playmates showing signs of smartness in his work, his talk, or his play, take him tenderly by the hand—by both hands, by the back of the neck if necessary—and lovingly, playfully, but firmly, lead him to a knowledge of higher and more interesting things.

Today’s modern society designates persons life value by their accomplishments.

In which case I warn you that you stand in grave danger of being spoken and written of and pointed out as "a smart man." And that is one of the most terrible calamities that can overtake a sane, civilized white man in our Empire today.

They say youth is the season of hope, ambition, and uplift—that the last word youth needs is an exhortation to be cheerful.I suggest that you watch him closely, for he will presently demonstrate to you that money dominates everybody except the man who does not want money.You may meet that man on your farm, in your village, or in your legislature.Sooner or later, you will see some man to whom the idea of wealth as mere wealth does not appeal, whom the methods of amassing that wealth do not interest, and who will not accept money if you offer it to him at a certain price.At first you will be inclined to laugh at this man, and to think that he is not "smart" in his ideas.When, to use a detestable phrase, you go out into "the battle of life," you will be confronted by an organized conspiracy which will try to make you believe that the world is governed by the idea of wealth for wealth's sake, and that all means which lead to the acquisition of that wealth are, if not laudable, at least expedient.Those of you who have fitly imbibed the spirit of our university—and it was not a materialistic university which trained a scholar to take both the Craven and the Ireland in England—will violently resent that thought, but you will live and eat and move and have your being in a world dominated by that thought.The despair and the horror mean nothing, because there is for you nothing irremediable, nothing ineffaceable, nothing irrecoverable in anything you may have said or thought or done.If, for any reason, you cannot believe or have not been taught to believe in the infinite mercy of Heaven, which has made us all, and will take care we do not go far astray, at least believe that you are not yet sufficiently important to be taken too seriously by the Powers above us or beneath us. or even killed them because of their ethnicity or race. Today’s society designates a human life a money value. there is a expression for ciphering a value for a human life. this reckoner will supply merely a unsmooth sense of your human life value…” ( 44 ) This Calculator is used by life insurance companies to find how much money will be compensated to the loved 1s of the victims. Spear Armstrong is a great inspiration on how we should value life ; non by fame nor fortune. “The truth is that malignant neoplastic disease was the best thing that Evert happened to me. but it did admirations for me and I wouldn’t want to walk off from it.


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