Use Of Internet In Language Learning Dissertation

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With these findings, the author recommends that an integrative approach to listening, that includes the use of specific listening strategies, be implemented with the incorporation of audiovisual technology materials in order to give students an idea of specific listening contexts.

This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of internet in learning English through testing TEFL courses outcomes. Durham, UK: Education Endowment Foundation and Durham University.‏ Honna, N. English as a multicultural language in Asia and intercultural literacy. Critical review of TEFL as an effective method of teaching English in a multi-cultural environment.

The questionnaire and interview contained four main sections (advantages of using the internet, disadvantages of using the internet, most effective internet-related tools that are used in TEFL courses and the recommendations that can be followed to enhance the quality of the internet in TEFL courses).

The results revealed that using internet has a positive impact on the effectiveness of learning English and TEFL courses, it also showed that the speed, availability, affordability, easiness and other factors are some of the advantages of the internet. The use of the Internet in ESL learning: problems, advantages and disadvantages.

8A East Packer Avenue, Fairchild Martindale Library Room 514, Bethlehem, PA 18015.‏ Patel, C. Use of multimedia technology in teaching and learning communication skill: An analysis. The impact of web sites on teaching and learning mathematics. How EFL Teachers Can Organize the Use of the Target Language for Effective Classroom Interaction: The specific Case of Burkina Faso, With Special Reference to the English Oral Expression in 1ère A classes.

Schwartz (Eds.), Applied metacognition, 1-11.‏ Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Journal of Language Teaching & Research, 2(5), 1080-1085 ‏ Kabooha, R., & Elyas, T. The impacts of using You Tube videos on learning vocabulary in Saudi EFL classrooms. Internet in the changing Educational Scenario.‏ Paper presented at the ninth National Convention for Automation of libraries in education and research Institutes, CALIBER, Jaipur, Feb 14-16, 296-306. This study recommended improving the role of social media in TEFL courses by creating more interactive methods. Teaching English with Technology, 13(3), 3-17.‏ Almurashi, W. International Journal of English Language and Linguistics Research, 4(3), 32-47.‏ Arsham, H. London: The he British Council, 7, 9-23 ‏ Higgins, S., Xiao, Z., & Katsipataki, M. The impact of digital technology on learning: A summary for the education endowment foundation. The Effectiveness of Using Technology in English Language Classrooms in Government Primary Schools in Bangladesh. Crossing the Border: International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1(1), 29-38.‏ Raiskinmäki, J. The use of technological devices in English teaching as experienced by teachers.‏ (Bachelor’s thesis). International Journal of Advancements in Research & Technology, 2(7), 116-123.‏ Pun, M. The use of multimedia technology in english language teaching: a global perspective. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 93, 631-635.‏ Sawadogo, J. Especially exciting, is the enhancement that such tools allow in the skill of listening.For years, listening comprehension has been taught through the use of audio cassette tapes that do not provide an authentic setting for adequate acquisition.Look at the tabs at the top of the page and follow any that seem similar to the information you want.With the advent of new technology, more programs become available for the integration of technology inside second language classrooms.


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