Usage Of Technology In Education Essay

Usage Of Technology In Education Essay-48
Ever since technology has come into picture, people have changed the way they do things.

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・ Students spend a lot of time using features provided by the technology that makes them a couch potato using up all their time, in turn, it can also lead to obesity as there is no much physical exercise involved.

If you actually analyze some features might be just for totally entertainment’s sake and eat up your precious time.

So we can say that with all the advantages, come a potential cost too.

Technology can be overall rated to be very beneficial in the field of education.

・ Teachers might get distracted while teaching, as many tools are present to provide education in creative ways, they might end up doing something which is irrelevant.

Usage Of Technology In Education Essay

・ Technology provides a vast variety of options of entertainment which often distract students from the things they are supposed to do.These games could be in forms of quizzes too where students can also get a world rank to know where they lie in the list.・ Teachers can conduct video conference from any location in the world or upload online tutorials for students to get knowledge from distant places too.Read Also: Essay on positive and negative impacts of technology on students ・ Getting beyond the books is the need of the era.Students can refer the internet to study the right material from an endless number of sources rather than being dependent on a specific number of books that might not be of latest edition also.This way they can always add on to their knowledge about the subjects they are studying.Together they might end up creating or inventing something new which could benefit the society.However, there is a topical question of whether this change is for good, whether it have actually repressed or improved learning process?Considering the experience of recent years, when such things as educational television and the language lab failed to truly become a successful educational technology, many individuals nowadays feel skeptical over the noises about computer’s potential to modernize both teaching and learning processes. In my opinion, the difference this time is that the technologists may be right.It seems that more and more often computers and related equipment are being involved in the educational process nowadays.This tendency of wiring schools, exercising long distance learning, and depending on the internet for information is apparently being actively promoted.


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