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It lays out how the government will operate, and it leaves it to that government to run the country.One of the reasons it has worked-- surprisingly well for an experiment-- for over 200 years is because it is an operating system.As with any piece of important writing, the Constitution was revised from its original form into what we adhere to now.

All these years later, few of us realize how cantankerous were the arguments that brought this document into being-- a first for a nation, a charter that created a country.

Well, actually, it’s the second version of the charter that created the United States. That’s because the country was actually created by the Articles of Confederation, ratified in 1781.

You're planning to discuss a constitutional amendment you think is necessary.

In your essay, explain to the politician what the proposed amendment is, what portion of the Constitution it will be amending (be specific here), and why this is a necessary amendment. Constitution, governmental leaders spent much time and energy in making some tough decisions.

Be careful about the wording of your portion of the Constitution; although it doesn't need to be written in the style of the 1700s, it does need to be precise and descriptive.

In a short addendum to your essay, explain to the reader why you chose to write this portion.By those articles, the thirteen British colonies-- now referring to themselves as “states” to signify their autonomy-- bound themselves in “perpetual union” with each other.The problem was, their confederation, which lacked a strong central government, didn’t function very well.Believe it or not, lawyers, politicians, and many other interested parties are still interpreting the U. For your essay, you will choose a portion of the Constitution to read and interpret.You must present your ideal interpretation (in other words, what you suggest your selection means) as well as one or two other interpretations that can be made. Despite this process being well outlined (and many amendments having been successfully written and passed), many people argue that the Constitution would benefit from a total rewrite.So in the hot summer of 1787, in the Pennsylvania Statehouse in Philadelphia, delegates from all of the states gathered to formulate the second version of an operating system for their new country.That’s what the Constitution really is-- an operating system. Writing essays can be a powerful activity for students at many grade levels.By allowing students the time and space to think deeply about these documents, they can engage with them in a way that goes far beyond what can be achieved via lecture or discussion.You might need to search a bit to find an appropriate selection. Choose a selection of the Constitution and rewrite it so that it, in your opinion, better reflects modern ideals.Be sure to fully explain your reasoning throughout your essay. Since this is a tricky thing to do, explain your reasoning in the remainder of the essay.


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