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Your DBQ score will account for 25% of your overall score on the exam.In requiring you to analyze primary and secondary sources on your own, the DBQ mimics the work that professional historians do in assessing historical documents.

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You’ll be expected to understand the various historical contexts in which your documents were created, the events and issues they reference, and the possible impact of authorial biases on their composition.

Practically speaking, writing a successful DBQ essay requires you to read, comprehend, and assimilate into your larger historical understanding a number of new and unfamiliar pieces of information within a very short period of time. Also, as we’ll go over in greater detail below, the DBQ has high expectations.

The DBQ you receive will focus either on historical causation, patterns of continuity and change over time, comparison, interpretation, or periodization.

Aside from these factors, a successful DBQ response will fully address the question that you’ve been asked, which can sometimes be complex or have multiple components.

The readers will judge your essay upon how well it demonstrates solid argumentation, analysis of evidence, contextualization, and synthesis.

additional theme from a set provided by the College Board.In its role as an Advanced Placement course, AP US History exists not only to teach you historical facts, but to help you understand how to approach and analyze historical content in the way that college-level courses will eventually expect you to be able to do.The AP US History exam is intended to test your skill at this type of analysis, and the DBQ is an important part of this assessment.This is how the AP US History exam determines how well you’ve acquired not only historical facts, but methods of approaching the study of history.The documents provided for the DBQ will vary a great deal from year to year and topic to topic.The DBQ doesn’t have to be intimidating, but you may not be familiar with its expectations, so it pays to get well acquainted with its format beforehand.Read on to learn what to expect from the AP US History DBQ, as well as some advice for getting prepared for this type of question and formulating your plan of attack for test day.Mentioning these documents isn’t enough—you’ll need to show that you really understand them, from the meaning of the text to the historical context of the authors’ identities and points of view. It should have the same components as any other short essay, including a strong thesis statement and ample supporting evidence for this thesis.Most of all, it has to be coherent and make sense as an argument for your point.While the question in the test booklet will come with a long list of specific, stated requirements in terms of what you need to address and how, you’ll also need to come into the test being already familiar with the goals and standards of the AP US History curriculum.The AP US History DBQ is always designed to test a certain set of skills that it considers essential to historical study.


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