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University Waterloo Scholarship Essay-52
Part C: Basically fill in information about your courses and grades.

Describe the challenges and success you have experienced as a student of color.

Describe how you plan to engage in the technology/STEM industry in your future career, and how will this affect your community.

As the website states, your teacher does not have to do anything at this time, but may be contacted by admissions personnel to provide a reference.

Professor Bill Anderson wrote about the process and scoring of the AIF, so check out his post here.

It has a 900 character limit, which is about 140 words.

University Waterloo Scholarship Essay Creative Writing High School

In addition, you list your extracurricular activities (with an optional section to further explain what you did), employment and volunteer history, and past accomplishments.In an age where applicants all have excellent grades, writing a great AIF is the best way to differentiate yourself.By now, you guys are probably convinced that the AIF is crucial for a successful application. You will have to fill out the first three sections of the AIF and any additional sections required by the program you’re applying to.Engineering students have to fill out the Engineering section and Math students have to fill out the Math section.If you’re applying to multiple programs at Waterloo, you only need to complete one AIF. Part A: You write a short essay response about why you’re applying to Waterloo and why you’re interested in your specific programs.June 14 – A & F Scholarships – 14 – Charlie Burkhart Scholarship – https:// June 19 – Big Sun Scholarships – June 30 – Iranian Scholarship Foundation – June 30 – Momeni Scholarship – 30 – Reynold C.Hentges Memorial Scholarship – https:// 1 – Zip Recruiter Scholarship – https:// (Scholarship will open on July 1) July 14 – Short & Tweet Twitter Scholarship – https:// The Jerry Woods IRMCA Scholarship (Application will become available mid-August) – https:// 31 – Law Enforcement Family Member Scholarship – https:// 0.00 Eligibility: 2.8 GPA Be a minority college-bound senior (male or female) Pursuing a STEM-related major Letter of recommendation*(optional)* Complete and submit 1 essay 250-500 words from a topic below Essay Topics: How has being a minority positively affected your character?Just take a look at the graph below (taken from Professor Bill Anderson’s blog).Over 1300 applicants with 90% average were not offered admission.Finally, you can list up to two alternate Engineering programs.For more information about alternate offers, read this post.


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