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So far all my tutors have been full-time faculty holding Ph. Their feedback on assignments has been detailed and helpful.I have not noticed any issues with the time difference.

The assignment was read by another member of the faculty, also carrying a Ph. The feedback included another summary sheet with the same headings as well as a marked up/commented version of my assignment.Have you considered a technology-facilitated classroom environment?While I would imagine that such things--Google Hangouts, Facetime, Webinar meeting rooms etc.--are difficult to organise because of different time zones, more so if one wanted to get the professor/lecturer involved, it might offer a bit more of the "classroom environment" without the class?I've sent them an email today to have it corrected and will provide an update when it's fixed and how long it took.To summarize, I have been very impressed so far with the quality of the course materials, and while there is no substitute for in-class discussion with a professor and fellow students, I feel I am getting a very good experience and quality education so far.Finally, there is a Blackboard site for the course to enable interaction with other students and tutors.I have been able to log onto Blackboard successfully, but it seems the University staff forgot to associate the course with my account so that part is not yet available for access.The ability to take the course while working full-time is very convenient.I will post a couple more times about the course, including my experiences with the written assignments and grading.I am rather excited at the prospect of online learning for archeology but it really sounds too good to be true..... Each study unit includes a set of assigned readings and written discussion around the topics raised in the readings.The readings are provided via textbooks mailed with the workbook and online e Books and journal articles (available through the Leicester University library website or through the university's blackboard site -- only accessible by currently enrolled students; you can also request materials that are available in hard copy only be lent to you, although I have not found that to be necessary so far for any of the assigned readings).


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