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Look for themes rather than putting all the arguments for, then all the arguments against.Your discussion will be more sophisticated and critical if you can integrate the fors and againsts in each paragraph.Writing your introduction An introduction gives your reader a way in to your essay.

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If you've made a plan, you will have a good idea of what you are going to include in your essay. So for your introduction, you might write, "What is this essay going to be about? If you get stuck when writing your essay, it is sometimes because you are not clear what your main ideas are yet.

Take a step back and write yourself one or two sentences, explaining in simple terms what you are trying to get across.

However it is sometimes appropriate to look forwards and speculate about future developments or trends.

In many disciplines the speculative paragraph comes just before the conclusion.

For example, avoid finishing with, "If I had more time, I would also have covered…".

You may wish to raise some limitations in the conclusion, but do this in the middle of the concluding paragraph, and then end on a strong, positive sentence, such as "It has clearly been shown that…" - a rhetorical question.

This page will help you to understand how each section of an essay functions.

Introductions and conclusions are not just the bits tagged on to the ends of your essay.

" What the question is about: The links between geographical location and distribution of resources & wealth in the UK.

Why this is important: Because some regions in the UK are more prosperous and better resourced than others – Why is this? How I am going to answer it: Have to narrow down "regional" and also "inequalities" – so will compare the unemployment rates, average salaries, and job opportunities in Oxfordshire and Lancashire as a case study.


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