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During the creation of your ETD submission profile, you will have the opportunity to select one of three options for the release of your work.

Students have an option to restrict the release of your ETD (Option 2—U of I only; Option 3—Closed access).

The following resources may be helpful in making a determination–and documenting that determination–of whether permission is required for the use of previously copyrighted material in a thesis: If you did not create the material you are using you need to determine if it is protected by someone else’s copyright. Copyright Office helpful: “How to Investigate the Copyright Status of a Work.” (PDF) Also, it is possible that you can no longer own the copyright to your own work.

You need to identify the owner of the work’s copyright and determine whether the work’s copyright protection has expired. If your work has been published, you may have transferred the copyright to the publisher.

Further information about UIC Indigo and Indigo in general.

The copyright to a thesis belongs to the student, according to the University’s General Rules.These options are usually only used if the thesis, or part of the thesis, is to published in a journal where it may be construed that open-access is already publication.If a student choses Options 2 or 3 it will be for two years from the last day of the term of graduation.Instead of the traditional submission process, in which a student submits paper copies to be bound, catalogued, and disseminated in hard copy through the University Library, ETDs allow for the creation, submission, and dissemination of graduate research in digital form.The components and structure of an ETD are essentially the same as a traditional paper thesis.You may register your copyright directly through the United States Copyright Office.If you plan to submit an article for publication (in a journal, for example) It may be possible for you to negotiate to retain your copyright or which rights you transfer to a publisher before you sign a publishing agreement.However, due to publication norms in some disciplines, the Graduate College understands that occasionally students may wish to request other arrangements.Offering availability to the University of Illinois community as well as limited availability through ILL is consistent with the distribution practices of paper theses and dissertations.If you have intellectual property in your thesis that is not covered by copyright (e.g., material that might be covered by patents, trademarks, etc.), please contact the University’s Office of Technology Management.Electronic Submission Submission of an electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD) allows you a choice of the timing of the release of your thesis and the audience to whom your thesis is released.


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