Top 10 Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Top 10 Excuses For Not Doing Homework-2
An understanding teacher can apprehend your situation and allow you an extension.Most of the students choose to say that they were busy in practicing for basketball or any other sports tournament.Below are the top 10 intelligent excuses for not doing homework that have been shared on social media recently.

An understanding teacher can apprehend your situation and allow you an extension.

A student should show that he or she try to attempt the homework but had difficulty in clear understanding.

This formula can work for you only if you attempted a small portion of your homework.

One can just make an excuse like “my computer or laptop crashed” and many other technical issues can also be blamed.

The teacher usually understands this scenario and he or she might give you an extension to submit homework.

It is considered to be the most cliché excuse among the students and it somehow works well.

A student can explain to his/her teacher that you had completed your work but skip to put the notebook in your bag.One can simply say that he or she was absent that particular day when the homework was assigned.This trick can work but not all the time as your teacher can question you back.You can blame the high pitch sound from a party nearby that you got highly distracted and could not focus on homework writing task.However, this trick might not work for you every time.So make a solid reason and ask your teacher for an extension as anyhow you cannot escape homework.Your reason should be appealing enough that your teacher finally agrees to your excuse and leave you for not doing homework.There are loads of teacher funnies on the website but the excuses for not doing homework is my favourite funny on the site.The days of the “dog ate my homework” have long gone, and been replaced with some innovation and resourceful excuses for pupils not doing their homework.In this case, you must be prepared to do your homework and submit it positively on the assigned extension date.I did my homework but forgot to bring – Just pretend that you have forgotten to bring your homework.


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