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The bulk of the novel (section I) takes place before World War I, before the death of Mrs.

Lily notices that Cam, although seventeen, seems to be looking “round for someone who was not there, for Mrs.

written by Virginia Woolf is related to cultural movement which is called modernism.

Lilly Briscoe, the painter who stayed with the family at the summer home, is a character that focuses largely on her memory of the summer house and Mrs.

Ramsey, especially when she returns years later to finish her painting.Woolf did not use an omniscient narrator in the novel but instead chose to develop the story line by revealing each individual character’s consciousness stream.On the one hand, it seems that the modernist style of indirect prose which the author uses as well as plot of the novel is difficult to comprehend; however, it is quite obvious that the writer highlights impermanence in adult relations and uses the ability to recall childhood emotion.The window which is the first part of the novel is set in Ramsey’s summer home and begins with Mrs. In the second part, Woolf clearly reveals the sense of death, absence and passing time. Ramsey is left as widow who has nobody to comfort him in the course of bouts of fear regarding his philosophical work.Ramsey’s reassurance to James on their visit to the lighthouse the following day. Ramsey opposes her by stating that the weather might not clear, something that builds some tension between the two lovers as well as between James and Mr. Later on, this particular incident becomes a point of reference within the entire chapter, especially when addressing issues concerning the relationship of Mr. This section is divided into ten chapters in which ten years pass. In the Light house, the final part of the novel, Ramsey together with the remaining guests travels back to their summer home. Ramsey decides to take the long awaited trip to the lighthouse with his son and daughter.The first part is where the memories are formed, the encoding of memory.In the second part a considerable amount of time passes and the memories are put away.Time is not linear: memories and emotions preserve the events that people experience in time, and it is these things that are able to restore the unity of the family.Standing on the shore, Lily reflects on what it means to be a woman. Ramsay pleads for sympathy from all the women he encounters.Though time can break down physical matter, its prodding cannot disperse vivid memories.In the beginning of Part Three, Lily feels that Mrs.


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