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An example of not having any rights is when slave traders traveled to Africa where bought, people that did not contribute to society.

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Jefferson went upon the Second Continental Congress in June 1775.

He was asked by Congress to construct a summary of his views.

Besides the Declaration of independence, there is what is called the “Bill of Rights.” The bill of rights is the first ten amendments of the United States, which was ratified on December 15, 1971.

They are American citizen rights; rights that should be infringed.

The American Declaration of Independence has affected the foundation of the United States more than any other event or document in American history.

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The Declaration of Independence was the basis for what the country was established on.

The document was a way for the colonists to emancipate themselves from the cruelty of King George.

This document had such an impacting effect because it was such a new way of bringing up concerns.

The Congress met the next year well within the occurrence of the Revolutionary War underway.

Jefferson was asked to develop a declaration after Richard Henry Lee requested for the colonies to end its allegiance with Great Britain.


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