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The most anybody could wish for was a square meal and being left in peace.” (14) The soldiers were very tired of war.

“The sailors refused to obey orders and to man their ships, suspecting that they would be sent out in a desperate effort to stave off the inevitable surrender by some “miracle of heroism”.”(18) People had no hope in winning the war, even when they still had power and potential to win it.

L: It is written by an American, so it’s possible there might be some prejudice involved.

“Hitler was expressing a sentiment which had agitated thousands of his compatriots since the armistice.

“Inasmuch as [the Versailles Treaty] curtailed the power of the nation, deprived it of its prestige, attacked its traditions, and impaired its integrity, it was regarded as a fatal thrust against social values held and shared by the vast majority of Germans.” (30) The Versailles Treaty dramatically humiliated the German people and interfered with their tradition.

“The Berliner Tageblatt predicted prophetically: “Should we accept the conditions, a military furor for revenge will sound in Germany within a few years, and a militant nationalism will engulf all.”” (31), so that only paper protests remained possible…

“In the first months of Hitler's chancellorship, the Nazis instituted a policy of "coordination"--the alignment of individuals and institutions with Nazi goals” The Nazi wants the people not to have any beliefs other than Nazi ones. “Each year after beginning his rise to power, Hitler staged a rally in the proud old city of Nuremberg.

“Extensive propaganda was used to spread the regime's goals and ideals” Hitler probably considered propaganda as something extremely important/ Ayer, Eleanor. This rally, the Reichsparteitag, was the annual high mass of the Nazis.” (10) In those masses, Hitler makes public addresses and speeches to people in which he explained his ideologies.

“For a thousand years to come nobody will dare to speak of heroism without recalling the German Army of the World War…as long as Germans live they will be proud to remember that these men were the sons of their forefathers.” (138) Berlin Diary William Shirer: O: Written by William Shirer, an American journalist in Nuremburg P: To give the Americans an idea of the Nazi party.

V: one of its articles “Hitler, the Roman Emperor” gives an idea of how Hitler was like when and before he gives a speech.


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