Thesis Statement For Speech In The Virginia Convention

Thesis Statement For Speech In The Virginia Convention-55
Henry addressed the convention in an educated manner.He argued his points clearly, with elevated language. The persuasive value of intelligent arguement is shown, for if he had presented himself in a careless manner, he might have been percieved as but a radical fool.They were able to meet some teams, ask some questions, and have made a story available online.

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As a patriot, Patrick Henry believed that the British empire was leeching from his country and that American citizens were given no choice but to accept their role as being subordinate to the domineering British colonial rule.

The purpose of the speech was to mobilize the residents of Virginia into taking action against the British rule and to convince the state of Virginia that they could never achieve peace in any circumstances.

His words echo through our nation's history until the end: " liberty, or give me death!

Earlier in the week, we were visited by journalists who were interested in getting a closer look at the event here in Austin, TX.

After ten years of harsh laws and unfair taxes, hope of negotiating with the British government was fading.

Colonists began to fear there would be a British invasion to force them into submission.

Britain's royal governor, Lord Dunmore, reacted by seizing the gunpowder in the public magazine at Williamsburg—Virginia's equivalent of the battles of Lexington and Concord. It contains the line, "It is not now time to talk of aught/But chains or conquest, liberty or death" (Act II, Scene 4).

Whatever the exact words of Henry were, "scholars, understandably, are troubled by the way Wirt brought into print Henry's classic Liberty or Death speech," wrote historian Bernard Mayo. The phrase "Liberty or Death" also appears on the Culpeper Minutemen flag of 1775.

It served as a response to Britain's actions toward colonies in the American isles.

Patrick Henry viewed the influence of the British as a threat to the freedom of the American people and rejected all the claims the British made to justify their reasons for colonizing the Americas.


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