Thesis On Service Marketing

The majority of these outsourced information technology and call center jobs are going to low-wage countries, such as India and China where English-speaking college graduates are being hired at substantially lower wages.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of offshore outsourcing with a focus on the outsourcing markets in India and China, arguably the two most popular destinations for outsourcers.

Fidelity Investments is regarded as the leader in the financial services industry.

They have managed to do this by remaining one of the most technologically advanced companies around as well as being extremely innovative.

Fidelity Investments deals in outsourcing, which means Fidelity manages other companies’ payroll, retirement plans, benefits, etc.

so that the other companies do not need to form an independent department to handle these issues.

It continues on to examine how such services became available and the legal battles against Napster as well as individuals for using such methods of gathering music.

Moreover, it answers the question of whether people are still using free download sites, the consequences of using such sites, and finally, whether Napster and i-Tunes have discovered a successful new business.

When problems arise, they expect that further investment will solve these issues.

To prevent such problems, many companies have begun to outsource these functions in an effort to reduce costs and improve performance.


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