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They will help you to get a better grasp of your dissertation topic.Now that you have got the list, you can start with one of your choosing.

The first and foremost step of the dissertation writing is quite naturally choosing the topic. For choosing the right topic upon which you are to write one of the most significant and important papers of your student life, is not easy.

Endless hours of wracking your brain for the right topic, but finding none at particular, is really frustrating. Before choosing a suitable topic always ask yourself the following questions.

Through so doing, it hopes to be able to proffer a series of economic suggestions as to how the Greek real estate market could be rejuvenated as well as ‘hope’ for those for whom emigration has turned from a dream into a nightmare.

Suggested initial topic reading: The cyclical nature of urban real-estate: An historical investigation into changing real estate prices within inner-city Leeds.

The steady growth of suburbia in the mid-1920s as the middle classes sought an exodus from the crowded inner-cities is well documented by academic commentators such as Simon Gunn.

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Noting how, in the early years of the 20th century the land value of inner-city slum areas fell and how the ideal of ‘country living’ came to preoccupy the middle classes in the form of ever-creeping suburbanisation, this dissertation thereafter notes how the former unfashionable areas of the inner-city have, as time has progressed, become increasingly fashionable.

However, with numbers of applicants for study suffering as a consequence of the introduction of £9,000 fees, has the buy-to-let market in Exeter reached a tipping point?

Noting, from the experiences of present day students (as well as those who have graduated over the last three years) that the number of year-long rents have declined – as students have increasingly sought better details from landlords – this dissertation evaluates the extent to which the buy-to-let market in Exeter has reached a saturation point, as well as the extent to which investing in buy-to-let student properties still represents a sound real estate investment purchase within the city.

Suggested initial topic reading: A dream turned into a nightmare: Counting the costs of the real estate crash amongst British expats in Greece.

With its sun blushed beaches, olive groves and slower pace of life, Greece has, like Spain, been a favoured destination for British ex-pats seeking to live a quieter life abroad.


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