Thesis On Food Safety

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The program covers food safety through the entire food supply chain from food production through processing/manufacturing to the food consumer. * Admission to the Winter term is open for thesis programs only.

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The present legal framework is comprised of many inconsistent statutes and regulations, and implementing authority is spread among at least 12 federal agencies (Appendix A).

Such a fragmented structure requires heroic efforts at cooperation, communication, and coordination (federal agencies have reported more than 50 interagency agreements), but duplication of efforts and regulatory gaps are common.

Students must complete a total of 45 credits including ten graduate-level courses, the graduate seminar, and the research project. graduate program hinges on the availability of supervisory staff and financing. Students in non-thesis master's programs must be self-funded.

The program may be completed in three to four academic terms (12 to 16 months). It is suggested that students give serious consideration to their financial planning before submitting an application.

To improve the safety of the US food supply, in early 1997 President Clinton directed the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to develop a food safety initiative.

C) seeks to address hazards that present the greatest risk, make the best use of public and private resources, increase collaboration between public and private organizations, and improve coordination in the government.

The current food system stretches from producers to consumers and is international in scope.

Ensuring its quantity, nutritional adequacy, and safety has become more complicated, and requires major government and private-sector efforts.

The Department has key infrastructure with all major equipment necessary for conducting research in all these areas. degree in Food Science or related areas with a minimum CGPA of 3.4 in their M. and a minimum GPA of 3.2 for the last two years of their B. Qualifying Students Some applicants whose academic degrees and standing entitle them to serious consideration for admission to graduate studies, but who are considered inadequately prepared in the subject selected may be admitted to a Qualifying program if they have met the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies minimum CGPA of 3.0/4.0.

Our graduate program provides strong mentoring/advisory support while maintaining high flexibility for individual research projects. The course(s) to be taken in a Qualifying program will be prescribed by the academic unit concerned.


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