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It may be because they are intimidated, shy, any number of reasons.I found a great way to get students quickly comfortable talking with me is to visit with them informally in the classroom before and after class.

As long as the focus is on learning, everything will be fine. Numerous low-stakes assignments that use all of the senses are best.

Of course the number of students enrolled and the length of a semester, along with other tasks in a given semester, greatly influence the nature and number of assignments.

Assignments are best when they are active – that is, they involve a mixture of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and moving, as they have to use their full senses.

Assignments require a mixture of recall, application, and synthesis with fun and creative prompts.

Students don’t realize that college is when they reach that point when it finally really is harder and different – where the grades finally really do matter.

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Students, by virtue of having been in the public school system 13 or more years, have had their brains rewired where they physiologically cannot critically think about or un-learn everything they learned incorrectly without a great deal of time and effort.

I want my students to have a true, deep exposure to the study of history. Also, when I do create things, I make them available to others.

In my case, I probably really still tend to reinvent the wheel too much, but when I do use resources other professors have made, I always look at several similar sources and combine the best parts of each and my own take to make something new.

No matter how hard we try as instructors, students don’t like coming to office hours.

They tend to want to work independently, and they have more goals that are independent of their family and friends. Getting students to come to office hours is very difficult.


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