Thesis Essay On A Separate Peace

But perhaps it was included to make the reader aware of homosexuality as he read, to subliminally introduce it as a possible undercurrent storyline.

Finny doesn't care if Gene or others think he looks like "a fairy", and he even suggests of the other male students that "suitors may begin clamoring at the door" without the least discomfort.

It has since been reconsidered and taken by the community as sign of pride, but the fact that the shirt was specifically pink in a war which marked gay men with badges of such color cannot easily be a coincidence.) -- The night at the beach is one of the biggest indications that Finny might also have feelings for Gene.

He convinces his friend to go on a three-hour- long bike ride just to get there, then they go swimming together in the ocean.

He seems to think that he's just being objective, that anyone who saw or was aquainted with Finny would think these things.

Yet we are never, throughout the entire novel, given any indication that this is the case.

On a similar note, the motion picture adaptation has been published in a list of the 50 greatest romance films of the 20th century.

Clearly more people than one have seen in this story the possibility of a couple.

There teall should be something about the gay themes in the book since they are almost rampant in the work.

I will point out that in the books I have read explaining the hiddden meanings and themes in the book, that it always described Phineas and Gene as "doubles" who were codependent on each other.


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