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What if no place of publication or more than one place of publication is listed? The results from this study (see Appendix B) show ....

The only place where you mention the original source is in your text itself where you write something like: Smith (1970, p.27) cites Brown (1967) as finding ... In your reference list, include Smith or Harrison, but not Brown, Marshall or Thornton, the authors whose work you have not seen.

If you haven't read the original source, you do not give the details of the original in your reference list, you just list the item which you have actually read. It was found (Brown, 1967, cited by Smith, 1970, p. Harrison (2011, p.107) cites Marshall (1999); Thornton et al. It was found (Marshall, 1999; Thornton et al., 2004, cited by Harrison, 2011, p.107) that ...

All appendix tables and figures must be cited within the appendix and numbered in order of citation."Cite: a direct quotation; a paraphrase; someone else's idea or theory; the result of someone else's research; statistical information collected by someone else; a statement of law or fact; a definition. Ibid and op cit are used in footnotes and because APA mostly does away with the need for footnotes, students shouldn't now be using these terms. References with the same first author and different second of third authors are arranged alphabetically by the surname of the second author or, if the second author is the same, the surname of the third author, and so on.

with the letter A to distinguish them from those of the main text.

What is the difference between a citation and a reference? What is the difference between a reference list and a bibliography? When the title of a source is all in capitals, should I use all capitals in my reference list? If your work has only one appendix, you should label it Appendix.

Appendices to your own essay or dissertation are not included in the reference list. When citing in the text apply the same protocol and only use a capital letter if you are starting a sentence.

Unfortunately it always prints all references used throughout all of my chapters and not only those references cited in the respective chapter.(3) Is there a way to change the part of the header that cites the Chapter title?

My titles are quite long and I would prefer to get only a part of my chapter title printed in the header.

This would include details like author, title, publisher, place of publication, journal title, volume and part number.

A reference describes the full information needed to identify and recover an item. For example: Singh, Y., comes before Singh Siddhu, N.


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