Theme Of Jealousy In Othello Essay

Theme Of Jealousy In Othello Essay-61
For instance, the jealousy of Othello towards his wife, the jealousy which existed between Lago and Emilia and Bianca jealousy on Cassio had no facts on the accusations.As a result of jealousy, the drama ends up with tragedies.

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In the play, Lago portrays his real self which triggers Othello to undergo a total transformation which destroys character’s lives.

Othello depicts how jealousy, especially sexual jealousy, is the most destructive and corruptive emotions.

Lago is the main character which triggered jealousy in Othello which eventually resulted to the downfall of Othello.

Jealousy makes Othello to destroy what he loves most in the world.

However, this love is destroyed soon after jealousy overwhelms the memory of Othello.

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Shakespeare uses Lago to reveal how close friends instill jealousy in their friends.- Jealousy In Othello Jealousy brings out the worst in people and that is particularly true with leaders, given their far-reaching authority and influence.When jealousy arises, leaders lose focus, respect, and their leadership abilities suffer as do their organization skills.Othello, one of Shakespeare’s famous plays, has various movie versions. [tags: Othello essays] - Shakespeare’s Othello is a play consistently based on jealously and the way it can destroy lives.Tim Blake Nelson’s 2001 updated modern version of Othello, “O”, integrates the important symbolism of the handkerchief as well as themes of jealousy and manipulation; yet, it devalues the important features of women discrimination and early modern English language.... One is quick to think this jealously is based on Othello’s lack of belief in Desdemona’s faithfulness to him or his suspensions over Desdemona’s affair with Cassio, Othello’s honorable lieutenant.Although this flaw is triggered by the external forces such as witches in Macbeth, jealousy seems to dominate the character of Othello in the Shakespeare’s play.In fact, the main factor which destroys Othello is jealousy.It is jealousy which makes Lago to plot the downfall of Othello.Jealousy as well is the tool used by Lago to arouse the passions of Othello.It is Lago a close friend of the main character Othello who planted the seed of jealousy and suspicion in the mind of Othello.The problem began when an old friend of Othello, Cassio request Desdemona, wife to Othello to intercede on his behalf to Othello. This opened an opportunity for Lago to induce jealousy into subconscious of Othello which he successfully accomplished.


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