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” The color brown in this story symbolically represents the spiritual death of Goodman Brown.

” The color brown in this story symbolically represents the spiritual death of Goodman Brown.In the title, the word young symbolically means the person is of innocence.

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Throughout the story, archetypal characters are used to represent something much bigger than what they physically are.Archetypal colors are evident throughout the story “Young Goodman Brown.” There are many colors used throughout the story, and some of the important ones are brown, pink, and black. It is obvious that it is important, hence the title, “Young Goodman Brown.In “Young Goodman Brown,” Brown leaves the comfort of Salem and travels into nature, where he is tempted by a man with a “staff, which bore the likeness of a great black snake” (627), as Hawthorne writes.The man tells Brown, “’Come, Goodman Brown,’ […] ‘Take my staff, if you are so soon weary’” (627).By using garden imagery, Hawthorne directly relates Brown’s trials to that of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.Both accounts take place in nature, or the garden, they are tempted by a serpent, gain knowledge, and suffer for them gaining that knowledge.Many authors throughout history do not intend to incorporate archetypal symbols in their stories, but from an archetypal critic’s point of view, it is evident that all of them do use these symbols.In the short story “Young Goodman Brown”, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, archetypal colors, characters, and garden imagery are evident and help the audience realize the theme, as Hawthorne writes, “’Evil is the nature of mankind’” (636).Goodman Brown’s wife, Faith, and Goodman Brown himself, are some of the characters that are seen to be used in an allegorical way.Faith not only represents Brown’s wife, but also his religious Faith as a whole.


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