The Voice Of Reason Essays In Objectivist Thought Ayn Rand

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She allegedly said, "If you have an ounce of moral decency, you'll be impotent for the rest of your life!Philosophical aspirations, novels, and a manifesto of sorts (For The New Intellectual) soon followed.Her work champions a pseudo-philosophy she labels "Objectivism," glorifies the preeminence of the individual's self-serving whim, condemns inhabitants of Africa and Asia as "savages", derides the failure of the modern "intellectual" to wholeheartedly endorse laissez-faire capitalism, disastrously misunderstands the meaning of the term "altruism", and, what is more, paints in dripping shades of unintended irony a portrait of an envisaged utopia not far removed from the authoritarian dystopia she fled in her youth.When a noted economist relayed through a third party that she "reasoned like a man", she replied "Really?! " And walked around the rest of the day with the biggest shit-eating grin on her face.Although Objectivism has never incorporated itself as a religion under American law (Rand was an eloquent atheist), its theological reclusiveness as regards opposing argument, and the Star Chamber arbitrariness of its internal workings during its pomp some decades ago, mark this belief as unmistakably analogous to Scientology in general.I did not succumb, as a kid, to being enthused by Ayn Rand, and that sense of power, as every kid was at one time until they outgrew it.The old bag sent over a list of fifteen conditions for appearing with me, or for appearing with anyone, I guess...with the one-liner "To live, man must hold three things as the supreme and ruling values of his life: Reason, Purpose, Self-esteem." Detractors feel that Rand considered all those properties to be perfectly expressed in herself.Whatever the case may be, Objectivism is essentially libertarianism with hangups, usually disguised as pseudologic.The sexism lessened a bit over the years, as shown in "About a Woman President", but she still concluded that women are not fit for it because of how evolution has shaped human species.While we're on that topic, Rand had a really odd fixation with women's bodies and overtly feminine appearance, hence the boy haircuts.


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