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Under the microscope, we found certain grooves of the tracks in question on the a-side are "kissing", and might cause some needles to derail.

Fortunately, this won't effect our entire customer base.

Basically, if the rest of your party is casters with access to 6th level spells, the Synthesist likely isn't going to cause problems, but if you've got a Fighter/Chained Rogue/Monk in the party, unless they really know what they're doing they'll be left massively in the dust.

This, it's technically "worse" but it makes it very obvious to the rest of the party how broken summoner is when the synth is beating the fighter at his own job with higher AC and more damage.

There's plenty of perfectly balanced Synthesists you can create, and there's even a Dragon example build which is pretty tame.

General things to look out for and veto: Dumping all their physical stats on character creation (in a point buy system)Pounce at low levels A ridiculous number of Limbs Synthesist summoner is fine.

If you needed a drummer to play on your krautrock album in the 1970s, Harald Grosskopf was the guy you called.

He was a member of Wallenstein and played on albums by Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, You and Cosmic Jokers.

"There have been a handful of complaints about "skips" on the 1st and 4th track of the Synthesist LP.

While vinyl is a finicky format to begin with, the complaints were enough for us to go back to the our faithful manufacturer, Brooklyn Phono, and examine the plates.


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