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All the joy of the party is stolen away in the moment Seniora Ines tries to pay her, and even the stuff that wasn't a task (like getting to hold the monkey) doesn't matter to her anymore, it was tarnished.

All in all, no matter how many times people tell you that you do not fit in with the crowd, people still see themselves the same as everyone else when in fact they stand out from others.

At the end, she expects to get her goodie and instead gets paid. Ines realizes that Rosaura has just learned a difficult lesson about class. The main themes of "Stolen Party" are class discrimination and loss of childhood innocence.

At the beginning of the story, Rosaura gets invited to Luciana's birthday party and believes that her invitation is a genuine sign of their friendship. Ines's maid, warns her that the rich family views her as their maid's daughter and not as a friend.She is excited, but her mother warns her that the children won’t see her as an equal, and...She is excited, but her mother warns her that the children won’t see her as an equal, and the employer’s daughter is not her friend. She goes to the party and they ask her to help serve and pass out goodies. Rosaura stiffens as the maid thanks her and hands her the money. Once an employee’s daughter, always an employee’s daughter.She tries to explain to her daughter that the people will look at her as "the maid's daughter" and not as another person, but Rosaura is only nine and "one of the best in her class",and she feels that Luciana is her friend and that she has been invited to Luciana's party any other guest, as an equal.The characters in the short story, "The Stolen Party" demonstrate striking differences in their values and beliefs. It is these unique traits, which illustrate different aspects of society.Rosaura's motionless, stunned reaction reveals that she has lost her childhood innocence.Rosaura had naively believed that she would be viewed as an equal, which is why Mrs. Despite her mother's warning, Rosaura attends the party and helps pass out food to the other children. Ines's gesture indicates that Rosaura is not accepted as a friend, and her invitation was to work at the party.Rosaura utterly enjoys herself during the party but realizes that her mother's instincts were correct when Mrs. Rosaura's background and lower social status prevent her from being accepted by the wealthy community.One of the girls at the party asked Rosaura who she was, and of course Rosaura said she was a friend of Luciana's. Conclusion As soon as money was offered the real nature of the relationship becomes clear.At this point, Rosaura realizes she was not anything special after all, she was literally a maid at the party, but she was too busy trying to fit in, she did not realize she was the maid until after she was rewarded with money.


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