The Road Not Taken Poem Analysis Essay

Though the problem of making a choice at a crossroads is almost a commonplace, the drama of the poem conveys a larger mythology by including evolutionary metaphors and suggesting the passage of eons.” The Woods The image of woods signifies ‘indecision’ as the poet is lost searching for answers.

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One choice is considered default and natural; the other unnatural and deviant.

Robert Faggen states “This psychological representation of the developmental principle of divergence strikes to the core of Darwinian theory.

He finally arrives at the decision that one can be a poet and yet teach; one can be a teacher and yet philosophize.

Thus, he does not take either of the two roads described, but forges his own path.

The metaphor of the road is used persistently in the poem, and is therefore an extended metaphor.

The crossroad functions as an evocative metaphor for a vital decision. The popular perception of the poem is that Robert Frost takes one of the two roads he describes.

The yellow color of the woods points to the season of autumn.

Autumn is symbolic of incipient decay and stagnation.

However, the title puts more emphasis on the idea that Frost had not taken any of the specified roads. Frost was always caught between two worlds: that of being a teacher and a poet; between reality and imagination.

In the prescribed poem, he ruminates over which vocation to pursue, that of a poet or a teacher.


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