The Resurgence Of History And The Avant-Garde Essay Film

The Resurgence Of History And The Avant-Garde Essay Film-89
Institutional, educational, and informal channels of distribution have been replaced by commercial, public, and personal channels.

Institutional, educational, and informal channels of distribution have been replaced by commercial, public, and personal channels.

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It’s been uploaded by someone called “Andyfshito,” whose other videos are a mixture of experimental films and live performances of trance music.

More than 35,000 people have watched this particular upload.

Like the rest of the Google empire, which provides aggregating and organizing functions through which advertising can be sold, You Tube itself isn’t particularly interested in the nature of video content.

Intellectual property rights have inevitably become an issue, but a combination of enthusiasm on the part of individuals, and the limited resources of filmmakers and their estates, means that at any given time there will be an unknowable amount of historical avant-garde material available on You Tube.

Even the most enthusiastic individual now has access to more than enough historical avant-garde film and video to reward their interest.

The Resurgence Of History And The Avant-Garde Essay Film What Is A Dissertation Proposal

For the audience, the problem now is less how to see it than where to begin, and how to organize, or even understand, it.

While by reputation you can trust Luxonline, You Tube doesn’t even tell you when a film is incomplete (though the BFI’s You Tube channel can be considered reasonably authoritative).

Perhaps more importantly, you’ve been responsible for your own education, from early European experiments to recent global video works.

Here you’ll find everything from Dziga Vertov’s early Russian (1924) to Jean-Luc Godard’s Dziga Vertov Group as well as Vito Acconci’s discomfitingly intimate performance videos, Anthony Balch and William Burroughs’s cut-up films, over forty short Fluxus films, Vicki Bennett’s sound-and-vision collages, and Stan Van Der Beek’s stop-motion dada funnies, accompanied by a good number of related art documentaries, audio interviews, and other sound pieces.

Concrete poet Kenneth Goldsmith began Ubu Web in 1996 as a repository for “lost” avant-garde poetic and sound works.


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