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It’s a story of Ashima and Ashoke Ganguli who leave India for the sake of better opportunities in America and about their children Gogol and Sonia.

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In the novel, The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, one can clearly see the viewpoint of how Gogol’s life over time has evolved from American to Bengali.

With the comfort of his Bengali life he’s able to push through the tragedy of his father’s death.

After his father’s death, Gogol gradually returned to his Indian traditions.

He takes care of his mother and sister, abandons the life he could have with Maxine, then marries a Bengali woman.

He takes care of his family, abandons the life he could have had, and marries a Bengali woman.

-Jhumpa Lahri’s The Namesake is about characters that are in search of their individuality which dwell between Indian and American culture.India has no single culture, besides many cultures have crossed and blended here, and produced a hybridity in India which makes it unique. Washington: The Seattle Public Library& Foundation, Nov.3, 2003. The Indian cultural identity has acquired a diverse structure by modern generation. org/Documents/audiences/adults/Seattle Reads/2007-Namesake_• 20Wikipedia, the free • Caesar, Judith. Culture mirrors learned conduct that is spread from one member of a society to another. ...s and many more things never ends till they are alive. "Gogol's Namesake: Identity and Relationships in Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake." Atenea 27.1 (June 2007): 103-119. Some elements of culture are briefed from one group to a... Gogol’s Identity Throughout Namesake, Gogol Ganguli struggles with his identity being both Indian and American.Although he tended to stray far away from anything Bengali, his deeply rooted culture never faded away.Their children are born in the new world but they belong to their native country.They belong to two cultures but in reality not to anyone. Key words- Cultural conflict, Second Generation, Divided Identity, Social Invisibility, Name. A society’s culture defines how its members communicate and cooperate with each other. The basic elements of culture are social structure, language, communication, religion, and values.


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