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Some say it induced nausea along with emotions; notwithstanding the sensation it caused with its unique theme and portrayal.

The author himself had lived a life of abject poverty and had written...

The lash which drives [the modern slave—the slave of the factory, the sweat shop] cannot be either be seen or heard . During the industrial revolution in America, many immigrant families migrated from countries in Europe and Asia in hope of finding a better life in the land of the free.

However, when they arrived by the boatload, they were met with poor working...

Instead they found themselves beaten into failure by...

Sinclair's novel does accurately portray times and events that happened during this time period in the United States. In the early 1900's life for America's new Chicago immigrant workers in the meat packing industry was explored by Upton Sinclair's novel The Jungle.

Sinclair aimed for our hearts, but instead, he hit our stomachs.

The Jungle is a story of hardships and trouble, some successes and many failures as a family tries to achieve the "American Dream. In the world of economic competition that we live in today, many thrive and many are left to dig through trashcans.

In The Jungle, Upton Sinclair uses a true to life story to demonstrate the working man's life during industrialization.

Marx depicts in the Communist Manifesto an explanation of why the proletariat is worked so hard for the benefit of the bourgeois, and how they will inevitably rise up from it and...


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