The Help Novel Thesis

The Help Novel Thesis-52
Minny’s husband is fired from his job because of her participation in crafting the book.She finally decides to leave him after he takes his anger out her one too many times.

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Skeeter notes the radio station Aibileen’s listening to, telling her the preacher’s sermon reminds her of the station her childhood maid, Constantine always listened to.

Skeeter also tries to broach the subject of Hilly’s sanitation bill, and wonders aloud to a woman who’s lived her whole life under segregation “Do you ever wish you could…change things?

To compensate for her loss, Aibileen develops a strong, loving bond with Miss Leefolt’s daughter Mae Mobley, and her attempts to teach the child how to potty underscore the absurdity of having an outhouse strictly for the Help.

In one scene, Mae Mobley refuses to use the toilet, insisting that Aibileen go first.

Skeeter retreats to a time when she was most comfortable, under the care of the loving maid Constantine.

The Help Novel Thesis

So while she peppers Aibileen with questions over Constantine’s rather abrupt departure, Aibileen silently mourns her son’s untimely death.

Not only does Skeeter have to endure her mother’s constant criticisms, but also Hilly’s attempts to run her life.

Hilly fires the first warning shot, when she threatens to remove Skeeter as the editor of their Junior League’s newsletter for her untimely joke.

There are several relationships woven throughout the novel.

Skeeter and her mother, Skeeter and Hilly, Skeeter and the black maids, Skeeter and Stuart Whitworth.


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