The Giver Dystopia Essay

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Themes of The Giver Broadly, the book The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, is about how a boy name Jonas, born in the perfect utopia where there are no freedom and colour, people there promotes sameness.

Until Jonas founds out that there are more then this community when he got his unique Job assigned at the age of 12.

In theory, the society should be perfect, so “meticulously ordered, the choices so carefully made.” But, in practice, the unpleasant emotions are shown to have been removed at the expense of the pleasant ones.

In this society “without color, pain, or past,” there’s no war, but there’s also no love.

Beneath the Eloi, the “graceful children of the Upper-world,” lurk the Morlocks, the “bleached, obscene, nocturnal Thing” that is also “heir to all the ages.” Although the Morloks may be less beautiful than the Eloi, having “maintained them in their habitual needs, perhaps through the survival of an old habit of service,” the Morlocks are central to the lives of the Eloi.

Although they live beneath the earth, the Morlocks will never be far from the minds of the Eloi because the Eloi are reliant upon them.Hence, they don’t have any freedom of choosing, name, Job, use of language or spouses etc. The feelings that he never had before, all comes from the memories that the giver had transfer to Jonas. “I’m the one who’s training for Assistance Recreations director. When Jonas receives the memories from his training with The Giver, he started to understand freedom and rights. Since only Jonas and The giver knows about real feelings, Jonas felt lonely when he cant express himself clearly with his family and friends. When a citizen fails to uphold the productive conformity of the community, they are released.In order to achieve this painless society, the memories of the world are entrusted to a lone citizen, knows as the Receiver.Both protagonists discover this through a horrifying realization that destroys their idealized visions of these societies.In The Time Machine, the future world that the Time Traveller reaches appears ideal at first, as though “the whole earth had become a garden.” He initially interprets the abundance of flowers and the serene people as evidence of his theory that eventually “the whole world will be intelligent, educated, and cooperating; things will move faster and faster towards the subjugation of Nature.” Yet nature will not be suppressed.Furthermore, the Morlocks ensure that they are never forgotten by exacting a horrible revenge.The Time Traveller is disturbed to see the Morlocks eating meat underground and finally realizes that it’s the Eloi upon which they are dining.Jonas got his Job as the receiver of memory at the ceremony of 12. 50-71), In a frim, commanding voice she announced, “Jonas has been selected to be our next receiver of memory. People in the ommunity need to have penalties after doing things wrong, so the elders thought of a “release” for the people who wanted to leave this community or they had done some serious crimes. Emotions in Jonas’s community re very rare because they are taken away.For the new-borns, there are so names that are chose for them at the naming ceremony when they are born. 3) “Jonas was careful about language, not like his friend, Asher, who talk too fast and mixed things. But turns out, they can’t leave the town, they simply Just murder them by fatal injections. Jonas was almost 12 when he got his first dream of seeing her friend Fiona and wanted her to be naked.


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