The Allegory Of The Cave Essay

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Nevertheless, I decided regardless of their behavior, I was going to make the best of the situation and move forward with their blessings or not.

Unfortunately, meeting with the individual whose position I had taken, my new boss and the individual began grilling me about a job that I was really not familiar with; I guess to try to get me to fail.

I felt as if I was a prisoner chained to a position where I had not clearly seen the reality around me.

It was not until I left Lackland for a brighter and much clearer position that I realized how delightful life could be when you are not only living in reality, but enjoying it.

I was extremely excited at the opportunity because I would be working in a different area, the job would be completely different than what I was normally used too, and I would also meeting a new group of people.

However, what I did not expect was the backlash and harsh treatment that I was going to endure for the short period of time I held the position.

The Allegory of the Cave is a deep theoretical philosophical scenario that is being described by Plato in the form of a progressive conversation which begins with Socrates having a fictitious conversation with his brother Glaucon.

The conversation between both brothers deals with the lack of knowledge of humanity and the ethics that society has created.

As soon as I met the Division Chief of the new section, he immediately stated, although I was pleasant, personable and my background was impeccable, I was really not wanted there and they would make sure that I didn’t last long.

What I found out was that I had apparently taken the position from one of their people and they of course were not pleased.


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